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Sept 15th, 2014

Starting at 9:00am


Laugh Boston

425 Summer St, Boston, MA

The Future of Sales

The Sales Hacker Conference uncovers the innovative and cutting edge sales strategies, tactics, and hacks that are being employed by the companies embracing and utilizing all of the new technology trends in sales today. They are the industry leaders pushing their teams into to the new era of sales.

If you’re not evolving with the sales world, the innovative companies that are will pass you by. Don’t be left behind. Come spend the day learning practical things you can implement directly into your business tomorrow. We’ll spare you the product pitches and fluffy stories, as all talks at the Sales Hacker Conference are educational, actionable, relevant, and easy to follow.

What You'll Learn:

  • Lead generation and list building tools and processes to create outbound and inbound sales machines.
  • Outsourcing and automating the entire sales funnel.
  • Relationship building and engagement strategies that will not only boost open rates but develop trust from potential partners, clients, and recruits.
  • Creating new viral sales channels where your partners do the legwork for you.
  • Speeding up deal cycles to get your reps closing quickly and more frequently.
  • Hiring the best salespeople and the right salespeople for your team that ramp up fast, every single time.
  • Building a sales culture that motivates employees to hit their goals and makes them love their job.
  • Scaling all of the above, while doing all of the above, and doing it right.
  • and much more

Who this is for:

  • Startup CEOs, Founders, Early Biz Hires that have found a product market fit and are ready to start selling.
  • Early Stage Sales Teams starting to navigate the waters and are ready to streamline a sales machine they can scale along side the growth of their company.
  • Growth Stage SDRs, Account Executives trying to get a step ahead of their competition by being more efficient in opening and closing deals.
  • Sales Ops and Enablement in charge of making teams more productive and efficient through new tools and services.
  • All Sales Directors, Managers, Executives looking to improve their teams performance and sales processes through new technologies, strategies, and tactics and keep their teams at the top of their game.
  • Business Developers and teams figuring out how to source the right partnerships and shorten deal cycles.

What Others Are Saying

"I took notes throughout the day and picked up a number of new ideas. This really is a great new event." - Dave Govan (VP of Sales, Sailthru)

"The Sales Hacker Conference is the best event to attend to learn about practical sales ideas that actually work (not just blah blah blah blah talks). It's full of ideas you can apply right away in your business." - Aaron Ross (CEO, Predictable Revenue)

"World class sales execution is often the main ingredient behind company success. The Sales Hacker team brings together the best minds and cutting edge ideas into a fun, energetic, thought provoking event." - Mark Roberge (CRO, Hubspot)

Past Attendees Include Salespeople From Some of the World's Leading Companies

Salesforce, Linkedin, Hubspot, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Marketo, Responsys, Zendesk, Adroll, Amazon, HP, Citrix, Glassdoor, Rackspace, Cushman and Wakefield, Boeing, Nestle, KPMG and many more.


The Conference venue is right next door to the Westin hotel and the Boston Convention Center where the INBOUND event is being held later in the week. If you're interested in also attending INBOUND, use SALESHACKER14 for 50% off tickets.


Hear from experienced sales execs, proven entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders

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Conference Agenda

08:00am-09:10am -
09:10am-09:15am -
09:20am-09:45am -
John Barrows -
09:50am-10:15am -
Mike Haylon & Sara DeBrule -
10:20am-10:45am -
Panel: Steli Efti & Gabe Luna-Ostaseski -
10:45am-11:10am -
11:10am-11:35am -
Kris Duggan -
11:40am-12:05pm -
Craig Rosenberg -
12:05pm-1:15pm -
1:15pm-1:40pm -
Lincoln Murphy -
1:45pm-2:10pm -
Cliff Cate -
2:15pm-2:40pm -
Des Traynor -
2:45pm-3:10pm -
3:10pm-3:30pm -
Sally Duby -
3:30pm-3:55pm -
Sam Blond -
4:00pm-4:25pm -
Brendan Cassidy -
4:30pm-4:55pm -
Jason Lemkin -
4:55pm-5:00pm -
5:00pm-7:00pm -

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